Thematic Dossiers

The Maghreb Center Dossiers are published by the Maghreb Center, an Academic Think Tank Focused on North Africa and the Sahel based in Washington DC
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Editor: Néjib Ayachi (Maghreb Center President)
Board of Advisory Editors: Yahia Zoubir (Euromed School of Management); Lawrence R. Velte (National Defense University); Azzedine Layachi (St John’s University); Rene R. Laremont (Binghamton University); Majid Hannoum (University of Kansas); Ahmed El Hamri (The World Bank)
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Submission of ArticlesWe welcome the submission of articles to our Thematic Dossiers dealing with current political, economic, cultural, and international relations issues in North Africa, as well as book reviews on related subjects. Topics should be determined in consultation with the editor; a synopsis of a proposed article may be sent to the editor before writing it. Please send articles by email attachment to We prefer that articles submitted for consideration are not simultaneously proposed to other publications, or have been published elsewhere, but exceptions may be considered by the editor under certain conditions. Please be aware that the review process may be lengthy, and the Maghreb Center is not responsible for delays.
Copyright: Reproduction of articles published in The Maghreb Center Dossiers is permitted provided that the source is acknowledged.
DisclaimerThe opinions and views expressed in the articles published in The Maghreb Center Dossiers are solely those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors, nor does the publication endorse these opinions and views.