Maghreb Center hosts Moroccan Royal advisors on Saharan Affairs

Maghreb Center hosts Moroccan Royal advisors on Saharan Affairs

September 26, 2006 — The Maghreb Center hosted a delegation of the Royal Advisory Councel for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) which is on an official visit to Washington DC to meet with policy makers, members of Congress, academics and individuals in various institutions in the US capital. The delegation was led by the president of the council, Mr. Khalihenna Ould Errachid, and its secretary general, Maouelainin Ben Khalihanna Maouelainin. Moroccan Ambassador Aziz Mekouar accompanied the delegation to the round table discussion which was moderated by Talal Belrhiti of the Maghreb Center.

The president of the council affirmed the council’s mission as one to find a solution that is inclusive and representative of the different sides of the conflict and the different constituents of the Sahara.

Mr. Ould Errachid added that the Sahara issue is an artificial problem that impedes the development of the Maghreb Union, and that is in need of an urgent solution. The proposed solution is autonomy for the Saharan provinces, which will allow them to develop their own home rule without excluding them from Moroccan sovereignty.

(It should be noted that the Maghreb Center observes a position of strict neutrality on the Western Sahara issue.)

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