Maghreb Center hosts Algerian journalists

Maghreb Center hosts Algerian journalists

On 3/13/2007, the Maghreb Center has hosted a delegation of Algerian journalists on training at New York University’s Department of Journalism, The journalists were  briefed on the Center’s mission and activities, and participated in a discussion about the American political system, and the role and function of Washington DC-based think tanks in American political life.

Program Summary: New York University’s Department of Journalism, in association with the Middle East Partnership Initiative, has developed a six month-long U.S.-based fellowship and internship program for mid-career journalists from Algeria. This is part of a larger management consulting program taking place in Algerian news rooms.

The Fellows have been selected on merit from among the most talented and progressive media professionals in their home country. They initially spend three months in a specially tailored mid-level professional graduate program, concentrating on media management, press ethics, editing and layout as well as other courses of their choosing. At the end of the semester they will have a sixweek-long internship at the Seattle Times or the Pittsburgh-Tribune review.

Journalist Bios and Info on their Newspapers:

Brahim Takheroubte

Brahim Takheroubte spent five years working at L’_Expression in Algeria before joining the NYU Middle East Partnership Initiative Fellowship Program. As a journalist practicing in one of the largest francophone countries in the world, Brahim is keen to learn from the American journalistic tradition. Professionalism and freedom of _expression are elements he sees as lacking in the Algerian media. He hopes this experience will allow him to strengthen press freedom and professionalism in Algeria so that newspapers develop increased credibility in the eyes of the public. Brahim received his B.A. in geology but took up journalism after witnessing major political changes in his country. He has a specific interest in crisis reporting. Through this fellowship, Brahim hopes to gain the editorial skills necessary to advance to a managerial role in the newsroom.

L’_Expression (French, 45,000 circulation): L’_Expression is a gray paper whose owner is a founder and former shareholder in Liberte. He left to start his own paper and has recently directed the paper away from supporting the president. L’_Expression has suffered financially from lack of government advertising as a result. Market research has shown that L’_Expression is the number one paper among university professors after only five years of publishing.

Nora Boudedja

Nora Boudedja joined the NYU Middle East Partnership Initiative Fellowship Program after working two years at El Watan. In the last five years, Nora Boudedja made her reputation as an economic reporter in several newspapers and publications in Algeria. Her journalistic career took off at the daily newspaper l’Actualité in 2001 where she covered the economic beat. She did the same forAlgerian Enterprise review and the daily Info-Soir. Nora believes that specialized journalists can assist the media in bolstering the public’s understanding of complex socio-economic issues and governmental policy. Having learnt the journalistic trade on the ground, Nora looks forward to the opportunity to refine her writing and reporting techniques. She has a B.A. in English language and literature.

El Watan (French, 130,000): This is the largest circulation French language paper in Algeria and it is financially successful. The Editor-in-Chief is a veteran publisher from the civil war and the paper has recently benefited from a major redesign. The writing is some of the best in the Francophone press. According to our analysts, part of El Watan‘s success stems from their joint ownership of the only private printing press in Algeria.

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