Click on the links below for more information on the various Maghreb Center (MC) conferences, to read the transcripts, or to access the audio-video recording when available:

  • Conference on Security in the Maghreb-Sahel  Organized by/with the participation of Nejib Ayachi, in partnership with the Global Affairs Program at George Mason University (02/09/17)
  • Revolution and Political Transitions in North Africa.                                                    Round table discussion organized by (and with the participation of) Nejib Ayachi, Maghreb Center President, and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies of Georgetown University, Washington DC  11/ 21,/2013
  • Whatever Happened to the Arab Spring? Assessing the political transition two years after the uprisings. Conference organized by the University of Virginia, with the participation of Nejib Ayachi, Maghreb Center President, Charlottesville, VA). 02/14/13.
  • The Arab Uprisings, an Update  Panel Discussion organized by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, NE, with the participation of Nejib Ayachi, Maghreb Center President.  04/12/2012.
  • Historical and Current Tunisia and the Arab Spring Conference part of the Program on the Arab World focusing on Northern Africa from Morocco to Egypt, sponsored by the Nebraska Humanities Council and the Nebraska Cultural EndowmentLincoln, NE, with the participation of Nejib Ayachi, Maghreb Center President. 01/ 29/ 2012.
  •  Elections & Reform in Morocco & Tunisia Panel Discussion co-organized by and with the participation of Nejib Ayachi of the Maghreb Center, and the Brookings Institution in Washington DC.11/09/2011.
  • The Breakdown of Autocracy in Tunisia Maghreb Center Lecture Series at Georgetown University with the participation of Nejib Ayachi (Maghreb Center President) and Prof. Steve King (then Maghreb Center Vice-President); Georgetown University, Washington DC.  1/24/2011.
  • Youth, Technology and Revolution Panel Discussion at Santa Clara University with the participation of Nejib Ayachi (Maghreb Center President); Santa Clara, CA 04/25/2011.
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