Néjib Ayachi

       Scholar and Consultant in Global Affairs and International Development  


Néjib Ayachi is a political scientist with additional training in economics, who combines academic teaching, professional training, and international development consulting. He has many years of work experience with International Development organizations and agencies, particularly the World Bank, as well as the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). His areas of expertise include governance, decentralization, institutional development, policy reform, social development, knowledge management (including Indigenous Knowledge for Development in Africa), and export promotion and international trade; focusing on Africa and the MENA region.

Prof. Ayachi has been a faculty member at George Mason University in the Global Affairs program since 2015, where he teaches courses on the Political economy of development in the MENA region, and in Africa, and on contemporary issues in global affairs, including the History and Politics of North Africa and the Triggering of the Arab Spring Uprisings; the Security-Development Nexus; and the Rise of Nationalism and Populism in Europe. When he first moved to Washington more than two decades ago, Nejib Ayachi taught French language and North African politics at the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute; and, briefly, International Relations at George Washington University.

Nejib Ayachi experience in training in International Development and in Global Affairs includes developing curricula and conducting seminars on a variety of development-related topics, sponsored by The World Bank, USAID and UNDP, attended by developing country officials/civil servants, and implemented at the USDA Graduate School’s International Institute for Training and Education. At the same Institute, Ayachi developed and implemented a Certificate Program in Global Affairs tailored to the needs of US Federal Government employees, covering topics pertaining to developments in World Affairs focusing on economic, legal, environmental, and global governance issues.

Néjib Ayachi holds a Master’s degree and a doctoral degree (Troisieme cycle) in political science from the University of the Sorbonne and has a BA in English and American Studies from the University of Paris 8. His areas of interest include the political economy of development focusing on the MENA region and on Africa; globalization and development; post-colonial state-building processes and institutional development; peace security and development in the Maghreb-Sahel; North African history and politics; political Islam; and African endogenous development. He is fluent in English and French, with an upper-intermediate proficiency in Arabic, and a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian.

Ayachi is also founder and president of the Maghreb Center, an academic think-tank based in Washington, DC focusing on North Africa and the Sahel region political, economic and security issues. Ayachi manages the Center and provides strategic and operational guidance for activities, and organizes and participates in Maghreb Center conferences and lecture series held at The World Bank, Georgetown University, SAIS, GMU, and the National Press Club; and is the editor of the Maghreb Center publications / Blog.


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