Azzedine Layachi


Azzedine Layachi

Azzedine Layachi is Associate Professor at Saint John’s University (New York City and Rome, Italy), where he teaches courses on: Politics of the Middle East and North Africa, African Politics, International Relations, International Political Economy, U.S. Foreign Policy, Comparative Politics, Politics of Western Europe, International Organization, International Law of War, Nationalism, etc. Dr. Layachi is also a consultant to private and public organizations on North African and Middle Eastern politics and economics.

Azzedine Layachi holds a Ph.D. from the Politics Department of New York University (October 1988. Dissertation: Images of Foreign Policy: The Unites States and North Africa)

Dr. Layachi has authored several books on North Africa, including: Economic Crisis and Political Change in North Africa, (Westport, CT: Praeger, 1998); State, Society and Liberalization in Morocco: The Limits of Associative Life (Washington, D.C.: The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University, 1998)Civil Society and Democratization in Morocco, (Cairo, Egypt: The Ibn Khaldoun Center, 1995); and The United States and North Africa: A Cognitive Approach to Foreign Policy, (New York: Praeger, 1990).


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