Maghreb Center Associates offer many decades of experience as academics, development practitioners, and policy analysts focused on the Maghreb. They form the core of the center’s efforts to increase understanding of the Maghreb and contribute to its further development. Associates participate in center events, contribute occasional papers on the region, and bring their expertise to bear in providing the most effective execution of development related research undertaken by the Maghreb Center:

  • Loubna Hanna, Assistant Professor, School of International Service, The American University in Washington DC (Bio)
  •  Amel Boubekeur, Associate Scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, and Research Fellow at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Bio)
  •  Ellen Lust-Okar, Yale University (Bio | Publications)
  •  Melani Cammett, Brown University (Bio | Publications)
  •  Abdeslam Maghraoui, Duke University (Bio | Publications)
  • Guilain P. Denoeux, Colby College (Bio | Publications)
  • Abdlewahab Hechiche, University of South Florida (Bio | Publications)
  • Lakhdar Boukerrou, Florida Atlantic University (Bio | Publications)
  • Awani Abdelhamid, University of Oran, Algeria
  • Jacques E. Roussellier, Middle East Institute (Bio | Publications)
  • Salah Ferhi, University of Quebec, Montreal (Bio | Publications)
  • Rachid Tlemcani, University of Algiers (Bio | Publications)
  • Bill Lawrence, Scholar of North Africa & Advisor to the State Department (Bio | Publications)
  • Nader A. Fergany, Director Almishkat Center for Research, Egypt; Lead author, Arab Human development Report, UNDP and AFESD, 2002-2005 (Bio | Publications)
  • Mohamed Ibrahim Fahmy, American University in Cairo, Egypt
  • Ahmad Tohamy Abd El-Hay, The National Center for Social Research, Giza, Egypt
  • Mhammed Abderebbi, Hassan II University, Mohammedia, Morocco (Bio | Publications)
  • Audra Grant, Rand Corporation (Bio | Publications)
  • Lindsay Joy Benstead, Portland University (Bio | Publications)
  • Francis Ghilès, Senior Researcher, CIDOB Foundation, Barcelona, Spain (Bio | Publications)
  • Laurence A. Ammour, International Security Researcher & Consultant, University of Bordeaux 3, France (Bio | Publications)
  • Asma Nouira, Assistant Professor of law and political science, Jendouba University, Tunisia
  • Majid Hannoum, University of Kansas (Bio | Publications)
  • Laure Bjawi-Levine, Department of Anthropology, Santa Clara University, California (Bio)
  • Jimia Boutouba, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Santa Clara University, California. (Bio / Publications)
  • Karim Amellal, Institute of Political Studies in Paris (Sciences-Po Paris), France. (Bio / Publications)  (Blog)
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